Junior Doctors

Every four months we welcome a fully qualified doctor who has already undertaken at least a year of work in the hospital setting to the surgery. They are officially known as a Foundation Year 2 doctor (often abbreviated to F2 or FY2) and come to us from either Derriford or Torbay hospital.

The objective of their placement is to help them gain experience of primary care from a doctor's, rather than student's, perspective. The hope is it might make them consider a career in general practice or provide them with a more complete understanding of community healthcare which they can take forward into their other specialties.

We would strongly encourage you to consider making appointments with them. Not only do our F2 doctors tend to have more time to spend on your problem because they have longer appointment slots but they are often able to add an extra perspective based on their up-to-date knowledge of hospital processes.

At all times the F2 doctors have access to us to discuss any queries.

We invariably find that patients really appreciate the input they have on their healthcare and are disappointed when they learn that they are moving on to their next job.