Medical Students

 Peninsula Medical School

Students from years 2-5 of the Peninsula Medical School are offered placements at the surgery so that they can spend time with our team acquiring valuable experiences of how medicine is practised in the community.

Not only do we derive a great deal of satisfaction from showing the next generation of doctors the alternative side to hospital medicine but their presence also allow us to significantly

increase the number of appointments we are able to offer patients on any given day.

We hope that you will work with us to help students learn about general practice - they themselves are always extremely grateful for your co-operation. You may come into contact with students in two ways:

Student sitting in with a member of the surgery team

You will always be informed of their presence in advance. We recognise that not everyone will feel comfortable with having a student in the room during their consultation and your wishes will be respected if you want to be seen alone. You do not have give a reason for your refusal and it will not in any way affect your treatment.

Participating in a student surgery

Many of our older students run their own surgeries under the close supervision of the practice doctors. When you contact us for an appointment you may be offered a student appointment if you a happy to see them. The student will talk to you to about your medical problem and may examine you, after which a Doctor will see you with the student presenting their findings. The Doctor will then undertake the consultation in much the normal way, with you free to ask any questions.

As students are new to medicine, and in order to allow time for us to teach them as well as providing you with the time which you require with a Doctor, appointments with medical students will in general be slightly longer than our usual 15 minute appointments.

Very occasionally, you may be asked if you are willing to have your consultation videotaped. This is used to help students assess and improve their consultations skills and their ability to talk to patients. No intimate examinations will be recorded and the camera will be turned off immediately if you are unhappy at any stage. Your written consent with always be specifically obtained beforehand. You are free to decline or withdraw your consent at any time. If you agree to the recording of your consultation you will be asked to sign a consent form before and after you have seen the student.