Physiotherapy (Self-Referral)

Outpatient physiotherapy clinics see mainly musculoskeletal problems (i.e. those linked to soft tissues (muscles), joints and bones). The physiotherapists provide biomechanical assessment, diagnosis, advice/information and treatment planning. Therapeutic modalities include: exercise bed programmes, mobilisation/manipulation techniques, acupuncture and articular joint injections.


Self-referral is when you can contact the physiotherapy department directly without visiting or consulting your GP or hospital first.

Before self referral you should discuss with your GP first if you have any of the following as they will need a specialist referral:

Neurological problems such as Parkinson's disease, stroke multiple sclerosis
Gynaecological problems or continence issues
Children's developmental problems such as cerebral palsy

Please click here to download a self-referral leaflet which contains all the details as to how access the service.